Search for the right light


The backbone of the photography is “THE LIGHT” photography means, Photo means Light and Graphy means to write and you are writing the light is called photography. Light is the photography. Light is more important than any other fundamentals, tips, tricks, technicality etc. It is the only foundation of photography. This backbone actually gives shape to your images. So many elements like the subject, framing, camera settings, quality of the lens, composition etc. But without the right light content, other things will never ever matter.

The most important action of the photographer is to follow, chase and read the perfect light condition for the photography.  It is very important to know the right light to shoot. If you are not getting the right light condition then always shift yourself from this place to another place or chase the right light of the subject to the shoot.

Your travel tour may be spoiled if you are not able to find the right light for your photography journey. So it is always better to check the weather report to proceed further. Best possible light condition depends on the specific scene you are trying to capture and the message of the photograph should convey properly. Light must always complement & support the subject in a better way. Sometimes the light is great but the message is not clear at all. For an example, if you want to convey a dark sense of calm, the best lighting may fall just before a storm breaks. Or, for a harsh and dramatic photograph, even mid-day sunlight can be ideal. Read light condition and plan the shoot,

One more important things to remember, If you planning to shoot sunrise or sunset and there is not a good lighting then there will not be a good lighting for a day. Leave that place and plan the shoot the next day. Sometimes the right light test your patience. So have a patience and wait for the right light condition.

Always remember, The right light, quality of light, great light condition are the greatest elements, a strong pillar of the photography & the photographer. The right light element creates good photo and bad photo and other elements are the just supporter to the better image. I have heard somewhere that If you can shoot in the outside or natural light better than to shoot in the studio light is just a cup of tea, But nothing is a cup of tea in the world of photography.

For a better photography or to be a better photographer, You need to understand the right light in the photography. This element serves all the photography genres like travel, landscape, studio, products etc. As I already said that without this element no good photograph can ever happen. I suggest go out and read the right light conditions and which light condition gives you a better message.

Keep experimenting and have a happy photography to you all.

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above image. INDIA





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