orlando-espinosa-copyright-symbolThe biggest problem for every photographer that is copyright issues. Copyright means that the moment you capture any photographs from your camera and from that particular moment you become the owner of those photographs. Copyright law affects every photographer. due to sharing images online and without the permission of the photographer.

The moment you capture an image and you become the owner of the photograph and it is the automatic and immediate effect after capturing the images. You should know this in advance that there is no separate procedure required to copyright your images in the photography profession.

Some of the photographers, using watermark, their logos, and any other specific symbol to inform the viewer that, this image is my copyright or This image is protected under copyright law. This is a good idea to protect your work. Because viewers understand, If there is no watermark on the images, The images are for free to use. This is the great first step to protect your work. But not all the photographers use watermarks on the images. Once the images are captured by you and It is related to you. This is enough and a great reason to sue someone in the court. Raw Images plays as the major evidence in case of copyright issues.

If anybody uses your photographs without your permission, In this case, you have to register your copyright with your country law systems and follow the major step as defined by the country law.

As an owner of the photographs, You can give permission or license your images to other parties for a specific period, specific purpose, specific events etc. Licensing is a way of granting someone permission to use your image without affecting the (copyright) ownership of that image. Licencing depends upon your terms and conditions. Always mentioned in the term & condition, that you are the owner of the image, Image is having your copyright. You can cancel the license anytime if any violation happens.

As an owner, you should know also, Capturing an image of a human being, recognized private property, Not tourist place required permission to use the image. It is your job to have a model and property release to prove your copyright. This is something very important. It is the same as having ownership of a car does not mean crossing or breaking the red light signal. This situation is very harming for driver and photographer too. In both cases, you have to follow rules and regulations.

Always remember, Selling, exhibiting an image of human being, private property, any objectionable materials can put you behind the bar and can fine you millions of a dollar, Better take care. if you do not carry proper permission of the particular human being (shown in the image), and the permission of the property owner then you should not show your work publically and always avoid unexpected problems. Sometimes this becomes a headache, you captured the beautiful emotion of the woman but do not have valid permission to show in the public.

The protection of an image is an important job of all the photographers because a photographer takes lots of pain to produce a beautiful image. You should carefully post an image online or publically after taking precautions. Follow a few steps to protect your image.

  • Always shoot in raw, because all the camera and setting information are there.
  • Put your logo, watermark on the images
  • Never forward your beautiful images on WhatsApp friend & groups.
  • Never upload or post high-resolution images on the FB account.
  • Maintain & back up your raw images data.

Last but not least, meet any lawyer and take more copyright information as per your country law to protect your images.

Keep experimenting and have happy photography to you all

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (www.prasenjeetgautam.com) Image courtesy-google