Capture the better moments


Capturing a moment is one one of the difficult task, The Biggest task is to hold the attention of your viewers. How can you capture the image containing the interesting elements? or can create the interesting story.  One single image may not be better than 1000s words and It may be responsible or evoking a viewer’s reaction and question. This reaction can be funny, happy, sad, angry, wonder etc.  What is a story behind the subject? What is happening?  What are they thinking?  An important tool for photography is lighting, framing, composition, content, also location etc that makes a better interesting photograph.

It is a challenge to capture the interesting image that can hold the attention. I hope you must have been to exhibition places and must have seen numbers of painting, art, photographs. You stop yourself at the interesting paintings to view and understand for longer. Just think how tough is this for a painting and photographs to capture the attention of your viewers. As a photographer, you can understand or feel the efforts behind all the interesting photographs, painting, art n craft etc


Remember one thing always. No one is going to feed you spoon about taking an interesting image. It is you only you, who has to capture in a way that each shot of your tells a story to your viewer. It requires a lot of patience, practice, experiment and you should know also to analyse other’s photographer images to educate yourself. Add your extra effort to make an interesting image for your viewer. If your photographs are failed to hold their attention then your viewers are not concerned with your efforts, your high-end photography equipment and your photography knowledge. Think in this way also.

To capture interesting, storytelling, creative, and great moments photographs. You need to have patience and willingness to hunt for the moment. The photographs that just stop time and converted into great interesting images and leave a space for the viewer to use their imagination to fill that space perfectly.

How you capture and post process the image to attain the attention of the viewers, that is also the important requirement to make an interesting image. There is no limit to convey a story, mood, emotion, expression in an image. become the witness of an interesting moment patiently. This will help your viewer to stop for the longest time. Believe me.

Keep experimenting and have a happy photography to you all

Photographer & blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above image, Different location of India.


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