ps_18.jpgI guess this is one of the important backbones of every type of business like manufacturer, traders and services providers. Every business exists to serve the client’s needs. One of the most powerful guiding tools & principles for each and everybody doing business or serving to the clients. After investing in a business like money, high-end equipment, marketing expenditure, planning and investment of time investing in understanding the market scenario and clients need etc. What next, Next level is finding good clients to do business and to grow.

The most important thing to remember that is, Clients, do not care for your investment and your time etc. But you have to understand his requirements and provide a better solution for him or for his requirements. Then only they will be happy to give you a continuous business. Remember. on the other way, always try to understand your client’s need as a client to serve him best of the efforts. Understand the requirement as an employee of your clients.

Let’s discuss the types of clients to deal with them in a better way.

Avoid the clients, Who put you at financial risk- I suggest to all the photographers that avoid the clients who try to put you at financial risk. Means you spend time, energy, money, team to execute the shoot and Client is not paying for transportation, accommodation, and most important No advance payment and balance payment after three months or more etc. I have my term and condition and I follow genuinely. like 50% advance payment and 50% balance payment after the confirmed payment transferred. I Charge for the stay and travel if the location is out of the town or very far from your office. Only the low-resolution images or preview copy will be shown before the balance payment. Never deliver the final high resolution without the balance payment received.

Never ever deal with those clients, Who has no budget. They will always try their best to put you down cost-wise. Respect negotiations but never cut your stomach. Work as per your company guidelines and term & conditions. and Be honest with you shoot always. Keep your approach straightforward and this approach will really help you in the long term. Respect you and your cost.

Request for the quotation or proposal. I hope, we all photographer must be receiving emails, phone call or request to quote for one day shoot, a proposal for outstation shoot etc. For the corporate company, It is a mandatory part of their process. Like they invite three quotations & proposals from different photographers and choose one to execute the project. I do send a proposal for the known clients but not for the unknown people to whom I never know or met earlier. Request for proposal is just like window shopping to check the market price. In this case, make a questionnaire( like shoot details, locations, budget, Purpose of the shoot etc) for the unknown client and ask them to fill the questionnaire. I assured you, they will never fill this document. It is my experience, I always receive an email, writing one line only ” How much do you charge for one day shoot”  even without mentioning his name, phone number, company details etc in his email. Avoid responding to these types of requests or emails etc. Which has no use? These emails are looking only for the low margin business.

It is Ok to say No to the clients– Sometimes clients demand or expect more or unnecessary, unrealistic results for the less payment contract. Gives you more stress and aggravate your shoot, more pressure to your camera sensor and never understand the photography value. This means he is paying you for the cat and expecting the tiger. In this case, Please prefer to say NO to the client and Prefer to invest the same time & energy in finding a good customer or plan travel, wild, street shot for the exhibition purpose.

Always check the reputation of the clients in the market also. This little tough exercise will give an advance preview of the goodwill of the clients. I suggest, avoid working with those clients who have no reputation, no goodwill etc. Say NO, if you have found something negative inputs of the clients.

Choose better customers and referrals– Make a list of all the satisfied clients and take the testimonial and display all the testimonial documents on your website to get better clients. We must try to target those organizations, companies, celebrities, rich and famous etc, With whom you want to work and share your work of all the very well satisfied clients with them. This approach will definitely bring better clients and profitable business. strong client relationships are a powerful way to create initial credibility.

Enjoy your business- The most important step to follow in all the business. Focus on your business to enjoy. Never ever try to carry gold to the graveyard, this will give you useless life. there is no use of excessive earning If you have the sleepless nights, meeting doctors, facing health issues, no business goodwill and no happiness etc. Be selective and do the best job that makes you happy and gives you a peaceful life. Enjoy with clients that you genuinely like and Your clients like your works genuinely.

Respect your guts feeling and trust it– In case you are meeting new clients and but you are not getting positive vibes and you are not feeling good. In this case respect and trust your gut feeling and move on for another meeting.

Patience– In the last but not least, Have patience for a good business deal. Meanwhile, educate yourself for a better photographer. Patience is the only key to a successful business. All the best

Keep experimenting and have a happy photography

Photographer & blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above image. India