Texture Photography


One of the interesting genres is Texture photography, Mostly beginner photographer never take an interest in finding, observing different texture, layers, patterns, colour depth, different details which are hidden in a different shape or texture. Sometimes one brilliant texture photograph defines you overall in a different perception.  In short pattern photography, contributes overall interesting and beautiful texture photographs. Let’s discuss this amazing genre.

Finding texture is something great task of great photography eye,  not by the camera. It is you, who find texture on different things like stone, leaf, roads, roof, architectural creativity etc, It is always hidden near you, you need to have a great observation and notice to find beautiful texture details.


There few things need to notice whenever you are out for XYZ photography. These are mentioned below.

  • Shapes and reflection
  • Lines and uniformity
  • Different colours mix and match
  • Curves

The texture is beyond the limit. It is not fixed that you can find the texture photographs in the above-mentioned points. Sometimes you can find the beautiful texture on the sand, clothes, leaf etc. Sometime in the evening when the sun is setting then shadow creates different texture on the mountains, trees, stones, river, sands etc. The only thing is required that is your observation and noticing powers.

As we all know that, Tripod plays a major role in all type of photography, In this pattern photography also, we should always use the tripod to avoid even a small jerk, who can spoil your texture photography. Tripod is advisable always.

One more important thing to remember, that your lens aperture should be at F/8, F/9 to capture great details, symmetrical details, Otherwise shooting on f/2.8, f/4 etc can spoil the details. Try at both aperture and feel the difference. Then you can make out the better aperture number.

Play with the different angle and shoot more to find the better one. Never decide the best photograph on the camera panel, check the better angle photograph while post-processing, here your different angle experiments will let you know the better photographs.

I hope, These all-important tips will help you to notice the great texture around you. Fix one day to shoot only texture photography, observe, notice closely and capture the texture. One more thing you do not need to go very far away to search the texture, you can find this in your jogging park, playground, mountain, lake, and monuments whatever nearest to your home or office. TRY it and shoot one day.


Keep experimenting and Have happy photography to you all.

Photographer and blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (www.prasenjeetgautam.com) has captured the above all images. INDIA




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