Unnecessary​ Camera features?


As we all know, Correct camera setting is the backbone of the perfect picture. but What is your opinion about the unnecessary camera features? Let’s discuss the camera features.  At the beginning when a beginner photographer takes too much pain to buy any DSLR camera. When they are unaware of the correct setting and features.

Camera manufacture will always insist to buy their product, they will always introduce the best features in the DSLR camera and claim that, without these features, you cannot capture the better shots or you cannot be a better photographer. But use your knowledge to buy.

When I bought my first DSLR Camera, In that camera model there was no KELVIN (Colour Temperature) feature, No Vignetting etc. Every time I had this misconception in my mind that my photograph’s results are not better because of the Kelwin feature, vignetting, and other professionals features. But over a period that I realised that You capture the shot, not any features.

One more example for beginners, This specific DSLRs are having a 10000 ISO sensitivity, When you are shooting in the dark night, This feature will help you to shoot better. Now all the beginner photographer are impressed with this feature without knowing that Do I really need this feature or 10000 ISO setting in my camera. If I use the 10000 ISO then I should know the result before I press the shutter button. It is just like that you are buying a car, which can run @ 300 km / Per Hour, But do we have that great road to drive a car at a speed of 300KM. Means you are buying a car or a camera at extra cost for hardly used features.

We have end number of features in all the cameras models (Nikon, Canon, Sony etc) But the question is, How many features do we really need for better photography. Every day we have a new camera model in a market with a brand new feature. You will be always short of the features if you wanna have all the better features in your DSLR cameras. I guess this is next to impossible because no one would like to waste money only for the not required features.

Which feature played a better role in your photography, It is important to know. Which camera feature is better. You can know only after a long experience of photography. When you feel, No unnecessary features, confusing camera setting is required for better photography. One of my old friend who always plays with the setting without knowing the results and spoils the photographs and then keeps calling me to know, where he was gone wrong.

Using a correct setting, knowledge of better features will always take your photography at a better level. Like you should know the result before pressing the shutter button. If you have 100 ISO and F/1.8 at 300 speed and then what will be the result. IF speed is less than 30 then what will be the result, Better Knowledge of manual mode, Aperture mode, Program Mode etc and using the feature in different light conditions, situation to capture better shots.

I would like to mention here that all the basic DSLR has all the important features to capture better shots. I strongly advise that do not buy DSLR camera or upgrade the kit due to flashy/ attractive features and without having a better knowledge of features. The camera manufacturer has a job to invent the new camera and its features from time to time. But we must understand our needs, requirements before we buy.

The best answer can be given by great professional photographers. Till yet they shoot better photographs at a better and simple setting. They do all the studies before capturing the shots. For them, The Camera and lens just a tool to capture the desired shots. Photography always exists in their mind, creativity and above all in the knowledge.

Keep experimenting and have happy photography to you all

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (www.prasenjeetgautam.com) has captured the above image. Industrial Tool, India


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