We have discussed so many topics based on photography. How to shoot, when to shoot, what to shoot etc. One of the important backbones of photography is your photography Bag also. which includes your lenses, camera body, tripod, laptop, filters, hard disc, memory cards, battery, battery charger etc and other important photography equipment.  Maintenance of your photography bag is also an important task for every serious photographer. Never ever take your bag very lightly. This is the bag who always take care and protect your photography equipment in all type of weather, in traveling and other unforeseen circumstances.

let’s discuss the importance of your camera bag and the important safety points

  • Your photography bag must be bought from a genuine manufacturer and must have good reviews as well as.
  • The bag must not be too big and should never create a problem in carrying.
  • The bag must be hard from outside and thickly cushioned pads from inside so that no force can harm your bag outside If happens then inside thick cushion work efficiently to protect your photography bag from any scratch or damage. If by mistake or any cargo company throw your bag in storage then also there should not be any damage to your bag and your photography equipment.
  • Too much partition is not a good idea, sometimes they scratch themselves because of too much stuff in the bag. pads must be adjustable if not required all the pads then you remove all the padded dividers as per your requirements.
  • carry too much stuff is not a good idea, because if any theft happens to you then all your photography equipment can be stolen at once and this will be a great loss to your photography.  Never carry all the lenses, filter, camera body etc in a single bag. Carry bag as per your requirement.
  • Your bag must be waterproof, water-resistant and carrying one extra big waterproof cover in case of heavy rain weather.
  • Your bag should be super load bearer with ergonomic comforts.
  • You must buy a bag from your country, the state’s manufacturer to have better service from them in case of any complains.
  • Never keep unnecessary things which you are not required in photography like a laptop, laptop charger,  books, etc. Which increases the unnecessary weight to your back. Have a separate bag for a laptop because it is not used all the time.
  • When you are going for travel & wildlife photography, carrying a torch and a small knife in your bag,  is always advisable.
  • Never leave your equipment in your bag carelessly. Pack everything cautiously and tightly.
  • Your bag must one strap on the bag’s exteriors to carry a tripod or travel bottle.
  • Never buy cheap bags or bags for your expensive photography equipment.
  • Write your name and contact on your bag, If it is misplaced and you’re lucky enough then If anybody found, can contact you to return your bag. Sometimes miracle happens

I have seen so many photographers carrying a lot of photography stuff in their bags. I guess 60% of items are not useful for photography at that time. Choose the lenses, filters and other items as per the requirements of the shoot. The plan for the shoot also includes the bag spaces. You are planning to shoot for one day and you are filling your bag for 4-5 days shoots. Which is a wastage of space, time, energy etc. plan your shoot and make a list of important equipment and then settle in the bag. This will really help you. When you are going for more days shoot, In this case also make a list and settle as per the requirement of the shoot. In both cases, you need to understand the shoot’s requirements and plan accordingly.

Keep experimenting and have happy photography to you all.

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( Image courtesy – Google