When nothing to shoot and having time for shooting. In this case, shooting sunset may be a better choice. In the winter, when days are short and night are so long then you do not need to wait for so long to shoot the sunset. Maybe sunset is a common subject to shoot but shooting with a few important steps, you may have a better & amazing photography experience. Sometimes shooting in the low light condition is a challenging job. Here you can learn this genre without spending money with this experiment, you may be an expert in shooting low light conditions, even though it is a challenging job. Let’s discuss the few important steps to get a better low light shot, evening shots, sunset shots, silhouette shots etc.

Important steps to follow

Tripod– In any photography genres, we must have a tripod to shoot, here for evening or sunset shot, a tripod is a major important tool. you should not shoot without a tripod otherwise your all the results may be blurry, shaky or out of focus. keeping in mind that a tripod is a must tool.

Reach before the sunset– Do not reach the sunset spot at once, reach before the sunset time, so that accordingly you can compose the shot and settle down at the required location to have a better shot. You required better pre-planning to shot the sunset.

Clean the lens– Have a habit of cleaning the lens before any shooting, this really works. Other if any spot is visible on the image, might have spoiled the image and every time post-processing never works. This should be in your habit and clean the lens from the front and as well as from the back.

Wide-angle lens– Always carry a wide-angle lens to shoot sunset photography. Sunset photography means a wide-angle image carries a lot of content. Avoid carrying zoom lens, prime lens. Always carry a wide-angle lens like 11-16mm, 18-105mm etc.

Use LCD screen to shoot or Live view– When shooting sunset, wide shots, sky shots, stars. Prefer to use live view option to capture the shot, this will give proper wide-angle details whatever you are capturing. Whenever I capture a wide shot of the exterior, Industry etc I always prefer to shoot on live view mode.

The base value of ISO– Set your ISO @100, When shooting on the tripod. Base value will always give you better shots. An increase in the ISO value can give you lots of grains on the images. So better avoid high ISO value.

Experiments– Always try to add interesting elements to your shoot when composing the shot like add trees, add a human, add birds, add anything that makes you shots so interesting. Do not hesitate to experiment. This habit will improve your level of photography.

Patience- Last but not least, Have the patience to have a better shot, Sometimes it is not captured at the first time of sunset photography. never be disheartened, there is always a second chance to shoot. patience is the key to being a better photographer.

Keep experimenting and Have wonderful & happy photography to you all.

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (www.prasenjeetgautam.com) has captured the above Image, India