How to choose right photography course


There is always a requirement of education before you start anything for your professional career. It is not required only for photography career but it is required for all the professional career that you pursue, Suppose someone is looking forward to becoming a Doctor, engineer, lawyer, sports person etc. In all these fields you required proper education for basic and advance knowledge both. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, there is always something new to learn about the art of photography. From camera angles to shutter speed, composition, framing, post-processing, lighting, studio lighting and above all lots of detailing of any specific genres like fashion, advertising, interiors etc. Then which camera, lens, tripod & the filter is better for photography career and why.

Start with the basic photography course. Lots of basic courses are available in the market. Before choosing the photography course let’s discuss the few important points.

Write down your area of interest–  Before joining any photography classes, write down the area of interest that you want to learn like

  • You wanna use the current camera to shoot, not willing to be a serious photographer.
  • Want to understand the lighting or exposures, means the basic setting of the camera
  • Knows the basic photography but post-processing skills are poor.
  • Having the DSLR, but learn to shoot the family’s better images.
  • Wanna learn as a hobby only, not for a career at all
  • Choosing as a career only
  • Your available time to learn classes, like twice in a week or once in a week
  • Photo walk experience with the experienced photographer
  • Looking for a full-time course.

Research the content- Before committing the course. I would like to suggest, Please go through the course content, Read it carefully and compare with other photography’s classes courses. find out the difference like fees, duration of the course, content covered during the course, practical knowledge like photo walk is included or not. there will be several mismatches within the same course. Must check the reviews on the internet if the reviews are available. Never spend money, Always invest the money in your career.

The important motto is, our area of interest must be covered. Also, all the students must calculate the distance between home and institution to save time, money and energy. This will give you extra benefits like after the class, you can plan to shoot with other students nearest the institute.

Must check the foundation of the institute, whether It is that much concrete to take your career to next better level. One of the important information.

Preparation to class – Every different class has a different requirement of the cameras, lens etc for the course. Most of them require the same photography kit. Please check before you pay them. Sometimes you are spending money for an expensive lens at a beginning which is not required at a very early stage. Please discuss with the teacher or instructor of the institute about this. This will also help to take the right decision.

Meet the seniors- Last but not least, Please meet the senior student, who has passed the course to take feedback of the teacher and institute. Try to be in touch with the brilliant student of the photographer, This will help you to grow with them.

I hope, this article will help you to choose the right course, the right institute for your professional career.

Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( has captured the above image- Taj Mahal, India

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