Nowadays or now it’s a trend to write something, share & post online. This is something great for the photographer and artist too. A unique platform & best way to communicate to promote your brand, product, your knowledge, your skill, your art and importantly your particular experience about the particular field on a regular basis.  This habit or ability of writing promote you worldwide, grow your email data, grow your clientele, and make you famous. This habit also helps the photographer and artist to add important knowledge to their database and their profession too.

But the best part of it, which I always used to mention in all my blogs that keep reading and writing. This improves your knowledge, skill and time to time you explore reading and writing material.

Let’s discuss a few important points, Why a photographer or artist must write blogs.

  1. Promote you as a photographer and writer which helps you write a script before shoots.
  2.  Leave a strong impression on your clients and your clients feels safe in your hands.
  3.  It grows your email data and readers, beginner photographer, hobby photographer who connects to you. Gradually your brand grows and its really great for your profession and business.
  4. It helps you to control your digital branding and reputation and divert your prospective client traffic towards your website.
  5. This has now become an important tool for promoting your SEO services like increasing your website ranking on Google. Another way of generating clients.
  6. You also become a strong content provider for social media. Google promotes those people, companies, artist etc who add on great information, knowledge to google search engine.
  7. Blog writing also helps you to sell your photographs and arts.
  8. Increase your awareness, get important feedback on your photographs (negative & positive) but feedback is important and correct you some you in a positive way.
  9. Improves your writing skills, grammar etc
  10. It connects you with same-minded people world-wide.
  11. Make sure, you are writing the blog on the right platform.
  12. Make a discipline to write at least one or two blogs in a week and maintain this habit. In the beginning, try to write a short or precise, to the point, interesting blog and not too long or lengthy blog otherwise people stopped reading your blogs. 

When you start writing blogs, You may start facing lots of grammatical issues, language issues, same profession language issues, sentence problems and sometimes what you write and your reader does not understand or understand differently. But this happens in the initial stage and happens with everyone. So please never dishearten yourself and never stopped writing once you have decided.

Due to this blog writing habit, your blog reader started increasing, your followers’ increases and you started becoming famous on the social media platform and you enjoy writing. Always share your blogs on a social media website, as much as you share as much as you connect with the more people.

Last but not least, Once blog writing is finished, never post immediately. Read twice or thrice at least or take a minimum for 20-30 minutes to read before you post. check grammar, spellings etc then post your blog. (Install Grammarly application to check your blog perfectly).

Keep experimenting and writing blogs. Have wonderful and happy photography to you all.

Photographer and Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam ( Image courtesy- Google