Types of Photographer ?

Whenever we introduce ourselves as a photographer to the clients, people and others. We probably encounter with one common question ” are you a professional photographer or freelancer?” This question confused you to answer and even you ask yourself the same question. But there is no confusion at all, it is just a matter of understanding the difference in between both types of photographer. 
Today we are going to discuss the types of photographer, I hope, this article going to clear your doubt about types of photographer. 
Amateur/beginner Photographer- This photographer shoot for the fun, enjoyment etc and shoot the family, friend etc and enjoy the art photography. They preserve the memory, moments in a shape of photographs for so long. They shoot with the current camera like mobile, digital and hardly carry DSLRs or any professional camera. They do not opt the photography as a career but they enjoy the photography. They do not care about photography technology, equipment, basics etc but love shooting whatever they like, they shoot for enjoyment and fun and no other theory required.  
Freelancer Photographer – This photographer works for a small contract, He is the only person in his profession and does all the job like marketing, post-processing, photography, client handling etc. He does not hire staff, work from home, having normal photography kit and accessories etc. Even they are not fully dependent upon the photography career like some freelancer photographer works parttime for the small assignment. He or she is not carrying technical photography skills as well as creative aspects. But they have some sense of photography as compared to the amateur photographer. But professional photography starts from the freelancer step in some cases. 
Professional Photographer – This photographer is fully convinced with their photography career and no other option they have besides this. They are fully dependent on photography income. They are a full-time photographer throughout his entire life. 
  • They understand the project in details, client requirements etc then finalise the location, model, dresses, hair styling and then finalise the script to shoot. Even if they are shooting for any product, vehicles, etc then also they follow the same process. to finalize the script before the shoot.
  • They very well know how to correct the worst photographs. 
  • They have an updated website and share all the stunning photographs through this.
  • They do SEOs for the websites to promote himself to get more business contracts.
  • Their articles, blogs published in newspapers, magazines and others
  • They spend lot of money and time to maintain a good business relationship.
  • They update themselves with new photography accessories, technology etc
  • They conduct an exhibition worldwide etc.
  • Camera manufacturer companies hire them to write a positive article about the latest photography equipment to promote sales. 
  • They market themselves through social media platforms.
  • They do teach to the beginner photographer through school, colleges etc.
  • They also attend the advanced classes from another big and famous photographer
  • They have their proper studio along with conference room to meet the clients. 
  • They shoot for the specific field only, If they like to shoot fashion then do not turn on other photography genres. 
  • They hire the staff for post-processing, lighting, others to maintain the studio etc
  • They organise and promote their business as entrepreneurs as simple as that. 

People hardly have a chance to meet big and famous photographers but people meet mostly freelancers and amateur photographer. According to normal people reaction, a freelance photographer is a professional photographer. There is nothing wrong with it.

Conclusion– I have got a chance to meet big and famous photographer but happy to share, they never ever introduce them as a professional photographer, they always introduce themselves as a PHOTOGRAPHER with happiness and humble attitude. What does matter for you to choose out of three categories? Choose wisely. I always choose better photographs and improved photography and that always help me to grab more business contracts. We must not run behind the photography designation but our attitude must be to shoot better and better always in my humble opinion.
Keep experimenting and have a wonderful and happy photography life to you all.
Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (www.prasenjeetgautam.com) has captured above-posted photographs. INDIA
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