When client under-estimate you?


We all know that we all are suffering through COVID19 epidemic. This epidemic situation affected all the businesses, all human being, killing people every day and must say almost everything. Day by day we are suffering through this very badly and where no positive hopes are visible easily because No COVID vaccination is launched positively in any country. Now in this situation, there is a major impact on the business especially entertainment, sports and other industries etc. Now there is less business for Photographer, videographer, scriptwriter, fashion designer, fashion stores, actors, models, and other endless services providers.

Recently I have encountered one episode where my clients were asking me an 80- 90% discount for the product shoot. I was shocked to hear his pricing, I said BIG NO and I choose to walk out without discussing the project. Well, This episode urges me to think about this situation and encourage me to write a small blog on this. Now, this article is about how to sustain your genuine pricing to shoot. Genuine clients are demanding discount but not 90% somewhere around 20-25% 

When a client asks you to have more discount for a project. Please follow the important steps to maintain your genuine pricing.

  • Please share your competent pricing including your pre-planning, photography and post-processing procedure.
  • Always discuss your quality and high-end photography equipment because high-end equipment supports you to get stunning photographs which will also help your clients to get better exposure in the media.
  • Share your old client’s photographs, your website, your portfolio etc
  • Share your client’s testimonial if has
  • Please make sure that Covid19 affect the business but not your SKILLS and not your  Photography & Creative knowledge.
  • Share your small and crisp idea for client shoot just for an example. 
  • Must research the client portfolio before meeting him so that you can have a better idea to crack the deal.
  • Never ever share your earlier pricing with them only share the current project cost. 
  • Try to meet with the genuine customer and must share your minimum pricing over the phone before you meet in this epidemic situation. Because going out uselessly is wastage of your time. energy and transportation cost.
  • Always remember that “you are selling your photography services not yourself
  • Last but not least, Never degrade yourself by selling your services at poor pricing. This may kill you, your passion & your profession. Working on poor pricing will always get you poor pricing and depression in your life.

Conclusion– I must suggest every photographer that Please have patience and the thing will be changed soon and life will come back on the normal situation. No mobile can take place of a DSLRs Camera and professional photographer. Never ever try to grab a project on 90% discount because once you started working on a 90% discount then your new painful journey will start from the less pricing to higher pricing which is more dangerous than COVID19 because you will now start as a beginner photographer and will relaunch yourself. The big automobile industry is giving a good discount but not 90%. No Pizza is delivered on a 90% discount, Means there is a recession in the market but they are not degrading themselves by selling their products and services at a 90% discount.  Think wisely.

“Things will be better as soon as possible. No problem is PERMANENT                              Not even COVID19″

Keep experimenting and have a wonderful and happy photography life to you all.
Photographer & Blogger Prasenjeet Gautam (http://www.prasenjeetgautam.com) has captured above-posted photographs. INDIA
 Stay HOME & Stay HEALTHY 

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