About Me

Prasenjeet Gautam is one of the most versatile and innovative photographers in India today. He has worked in varied sectors including Interior & Exterior, Advertising & Fashion, Industrial, Model, Products, Nature, Travel & Wildlife Photography.

“My life journey began in a middle-class family living in New Delhi (Paharganj), then called the hub of Delhi. As my father was an antique goods & handicrafts trader and exporter, I used to meet many of his clients from western countries who used to visit India for business as well as recreational purposes. Most of them were fond of photography and used to carry good cameras and lenses along with them as their hobby. I graduated from Delhi University 1995 and got busy with my family antiques & handicraft business at Janpath, New Delhi. Gifted with a good personality, some people saw a good model in me, others claimed me a Made-for-Marketing person, who could pull deals for the companies. Moving with the time, I worked with various reputed organizations and at the age of 35, I was working with an ad agency.

One fine day Photography met my inner-self and enlightened me. I had everything going for me, I had all the materialistic possessions, still, the restlessness, the feeling of something missing remained. This was enough motivation for me to leave everything and choose Photography as my future. I realized those early days when foreigners used to say “great photograph” and that one picture could give them a high. Since then, my clients have been providing me with new challenges in professional photography and I have been enjoying the same to the deepest core of my heart. I have been fortunate enough to have the stalwarts as my mentors- Mr.Atul Kasbekar, Mr Tarun Khiwal, Mr.Daboo Ratnani. When I decided to take up photography as my career.

My passion for photography was always there, but that approach and intelligence had to be discovered. Having travelled through the path of other professional experiences less suited to me — before choosing photography — made me a firm believer of delivering Good Quality and Perfection, working just not as one more photographer but an artist to be remembered forever.”

Prasenjeet Gautam